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A Souvenir Collection II

by - 4 Jan 2011

„How much is a stamp to Germany?“ – „10.000 Dong!“ – „Really? I think, last time we paid only 9.000 Dong.“ – „Ok, I can make discount for you!“
agreed the post officer in Hanoi generously, Vietnam

„Everything gratis!“
shouted the vendors at the Maya ruins of Chichen Itza to lure more tourists to their souvenir booths, Mexico

„Are you guys old enough to travel on your own?“
asked us an American lady in Panajachel, Guatemala

„We are building a house for our women where they can do the laundry.“ – „But the house does not have a door. Why?!“ – „Well, this is not a house, this is a wash-house!“
explained the construction workers of a wash-house confidently, San Antonio, Guatemala

„In Guatemala todo es possible, pero poco es cierto!“ („In Guatemala ist alles möglich, aber wenig ist jemals gewiss!“)
answered a Guatemalan boy when we asked him about the chances of getting to our next destination by public bus service, Lanquin, Guatemala

„Is it safe to walk from town to the Maya ruins?“ – „Oh yes, it is safe – unless a crazy man with a big knife comes along. That can of course always happen but in this case you just start to run and scream. The police office is not far away.“
explained a friendly local to ease our worries about the current safety situation, Copan, Honduras

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3 Kommentare
  1. Max permalink

    Geil! Besonders den letzten fand ich gut…

  2. Eva permalink

    I wonder what the verdict of the American woman was when she heard how old you were 🙂

  3. There’s a consonance in the two last ones, no? Ah, latin america!

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