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A Souvenir Collection

by - 23 Aug 2010

¨I am not naked I am just nude¨
said Daniel after to many Cuba Libre when he was running around Robinson island without any clothes on, Kuna Islands, Panama

¨I thought: just do it the presidential way. You are young only once but you can be immature all your life. I am practicing.¨
said Bob when he was asked why he turned around on the staircase of the airplane to wave to the crowd, Galapagos

¨You are a lucky man. All you need to remember are two words: Yes, dear.¨
said Bob to Friedrich, Galapagos

¨My friend said Lima is just like Thailand: cheap beer, cheap cocaine, cheap women. That’s why I came here.¨
said an English travel bum who felt free to annoy everyone with his ¨travel wisdom¨, Arequipa, Peru

„For me your hands are not dirty“
said a Maori man who helped to change a tyre when Friedrich wanted to wipe off his dirty hands before shaking hands to say goodbye, on the road, New Zealand

¨Are we going to see an owl?¨
asked a birdwatcher-lady who looked exactly like an owl, Eungella NP, Australia

¨There are so many Germans travelling – are there any left in your country?!?¨
asked a hostel owner in Mackay, Australia

¨If you drink a Bhang Lassi (Marihuana Milchshake) before taking the bus it does not feel like driving in a bus, its like flying on a carpet!!“
said a wise Indian man, Rajasthan, India

¨How is stone for you?¨
asked an Ayurveda expert a couple of days after giving a ¨special stone¨ to Sarah as a present, Udaipur, India

¨In Israel we have everything!¨
said Efrat explaining the advantages of her country, Burma

¨I hope we get pancakes!!…but if the pancakes are small it will be even more disappointing!¨
said Efrat during a trekking tour in the middle of nowwhere, Burma/Myanmar

¨You very beautiful! You must be Miss Beautiful of your Munich University!“
said a Burmese couple in the nightbus admiring Sarahs light complexion, Burma


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6 Kommentare
  1. teddy permalink

    das war aber lustig 😀 hab mich kaputt gelacht :)) ihr habt da ne menge spass miss beautiful!

  2. Tja, vielleicht sollte Sarah doch mal an den Miss Beautiful Wahlen teilnehmen…

  3. DDlP permalink

    Yes dear!

  4. Philipp permalink

    🙂 Woher sollen die auch wissen, was sie denken, bevor sie gehört haben, was sie sagen?

  5. meine favoriten sind the owl lady und How is stone for you?

  6. Sara permalink

    Ah! I love that Daniel made the top of the list! I am going to be needing another one of those crazy rum nights in San Blas soon!

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