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by - 29 Mai 2010

Elly and John have kept their promise: Melbourne is our favourite city compared to all the other towns we visited afterwards. The Eastcoast is packed with cities which lack in a geographical and metaphorical sense a beating heart. Disappionting enough most towns along the northern part of the coast don’t even offer a beach although the ocean is right at the doorstep. If there are beaches close by they don’t neccessarily promise a nice swim. Australia is famous for its hostile environment, so be sure that poisonous jelly fish (stingers), strong currents or hungry sharks will take some of the fun away. Before we could immerge into the water on our dive and snorkel trip to the Great Barrier Reef, we had to squeeze ourselves into the skintight stinger suits. The suits did not only protect us from the jellies but also pressed our bodyfat in between the inner organs, so that a once mediocre physique was optimized up to pure divine delight. After this magical transformation our breath was taken away – not by the tight stinger suit, but by the incredible underwater life. We found ourselves among coral and fish of all colours, sizes and shapes. Also a Giant Maori Wrasse came along to have a look at us. He is a curious and friendly fellow who is known for sucking off masks from snorkeller’s faces.
Whitsunday Islands Inside the boat
There were more funny creatures to be discovered on our 3 day sailing trip through the Whitsunday Islands. Although it was raining a lot, which made the sailing unfortunately less enjoyable, we hopped off the boat for more snorkelling and some bushwalking. We came unexpectedly close to some tree ants – probably too close, if you would ask the little insect. These tree ants carry a vitamin C drop on their bum. We followed Aboriginal food costums, picked the ants up and licked their behind for a piercing shot of vitamin C. Apart from the mouth watering seafood platter for 2 which we ordered in beautiful and posh Noosa this was the foody highlight in Australia’s culinary world of spongy white bread, fish’n’chips and burgers.

Schon mal nen Ameisenpopo geleckt?
But Australia’s nature on the other hand has some world-class wonders to offer. We think Fraser Island, the worlds biggest sand island, is definitely one of them. On a 2 day jeep safari our guide Jerrard drove us on sand tracks across the island showing us its most scenic spots. With a scenery so diverse, ranging from rainforest and Sahara-like sanddunes and pristine beaches to turquoise lakes, Fraser Island is stunning and a natural highlight.
Fraser Island Sarah auf Fraser Island Urwald Blaetter, Fraser Island Maheno Shipwreck, Fraser Island
Leaving the island we knew that our hearts would be pounding faster soon when we see the familiar faces of our friends Anja and Dan from Munich again in Brisbane. Coincidentally, they happend to visit Australia at the same time and we managed to arrange an appointment. We strolled with them around Brissie’s charming city centre where historic and modern architecture meet and talked for hours. Too quickly we had to say goodbye as we were heading in different directions.
Our stay in Australia was almost over so we took advantage of our collected bonus miles and flew for free with Quantas to Sydney. After 4 weeks of either boring or artifical tourist towns Sydney’s lively and cosmopolitan atmosphere was a longed for change of scenery. We walked up and down the streets of different quarters, went from Paddy’s market with our fresh veggies to the winged Opera house, bought some books in stylish Newtown and had a coffee in cozy Glebe where we also had a look at some elegant victorian villas. Last maybe least we walked along famous but uninspiring Bondi beach.
Sydney Opera
In Australia we realized how much you grow with your travels and how aims and expectations shift. Australia’s landscape can be truely fascinating and the locals are remarkably friendly, but after five months in Asia where we experienced everyday big cultural differences, we missed the input and personal challenge.


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4 Kommentare
  1. The visit to Australia probably resembled a holiday more than your previous destinations. I guess that South America will offer you more on the „cultural differences“ front.

    Let’s hope that you can settle back into everyday life in boring old München when you’re back 😉

  2. Bodil Sch permalink

    WOAS? Minga, boaring? Oh well… viellacht verglichen mit Shanghai…. ach ja. Nee, was ich auch noch sagen wollte, sind heute an Friedrichs Fahrrad vorbei gekommen und abgesehen davon, dass es noch lebt, hat es auch einen Hut auf dem Sattel, was mich sehr beruhigt hat, denn es pisst hier immer noch wie aus Gottes… eh.. Eimern? Ich wünsche euch weiterhin viel Spaß auf euren Reisen. Ich nehme statt Vitamin C Ameisenhintern fleißig Eisen und Magnesium und kann es kaum erwarten diesen dicken Bauch wieder los zu werden… speaking of which, ich glaube es ist mal wieder an der Zeit für einen Blog meinerseits, also viel Spaß euch. Lieben Gruß Bodil

  3. EElP permalink

    You sound like you have turned into seasoned world travellers and you probably have. Bei Euch wird es inzwischen etwas winterlich werden. Hier kommt der Sommer.

  4. Marc and Josianne permalink

    Wow! I can’t believe you are still travelling and discovering such beautiful parts of the world! I can’t believe we are back at home and waking up every morning to go to work… Enjoy!

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