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by - 29 Mai 2010

Before we surfed on a wave we surfed on a couch. Some of you might ask: How do you surf on couches and doesn’t it look quite silly?! Well, Couchsurfing is not another wicked or silly way of exercising your body. Couchsurfing means that complete strangers invite other complete strangers to their home to sleep on their couch. Where and how do Couchsurfers meet? Meeting point is the wonderland of the WWW, where everyone who is interested can register on the Couchsurfing website and become part of the worldwide community.
We have met quite a few Couchsurfers so far and their stories aroused our curiosity. We loved the idea of Couchsurfing since it is a great way of immerging deeper into an unknown culture and really getting in touch with some locals. Some people even make some time free to show you the favourite places of their hometown, others will at least try to meet up for a coffee. We could not wait to surf our first couch which we found in Scott’s house in Rockhampton.
Scott's Couch At Scott's
We had a marvellous time with Scott and his cat Indie. He came to pick us up from the bus and took us to his lovely house where we had dinner all together. We chatted all evening and Scott was also very helpful in providing us with information about the city. The following day he was mowing the lawn when we came back. We prepared a little dinner, chatted a bit and decided to watch a movie together. What a relaxed and cozy evening! It felt like coming home to a good old friend. The next morning Scott was so kind to wake up super early to take us to the 6.30am bus. Couchsurfing at Scott's, Rockhampton
Scott established a high standard which will probably not be met everytime we surf a couch again.
Any more questions? Oh yes, we did also surf on some waves in Australia. And yes, we managed to stand up a couple of times for approximately 7 mind blowing seconds!


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2 Kommentare
  1. Bringing travelers in touch with people
    in the place they visit and giving „locals“ a chance to meet visitors from other countries.

    Thanks very much and have a great day

  2. EElP permalink

    Macht einen neugierig, das auch mal auszuprobieren, zumindest als Gastgeber.

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