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No chicken no curry, no hurry no worry (Mr. Khan, camelman)

by - 23 Mrz 2010

Immediately after arriving in the desert city Jaisalmer we booked a three day camel safari in the Thar Desert. The next morning we found ourselves on the shaky backs of two camels. Sarah had the questionable honour to be seated on the leading camel Mr. Lalu. Usually he is supposed to be a pleasant fellow but since it was maiting season he became the hard to control slave of his hormons. Roaring through the silence of the desert, his tongue dangling out of his mouth and his face being completely covered with thick white saliva, he did not march where Sarah directed him to but was trying to make his way to the next female camel that he would smell. In moments like this our camelman Mr. Khan ordered Sarah to „give him nice massage with the stick – hit him hard, hit him hard!“

Queen of the desert Schaum vorm Mund - es ist Paarungszeit!!

Sarah learned to be more strict with Mr. Lalu, so that the group finally reached its designated destinations. Friedrich on the other hand was a little disappointed on the first day because his camel was tied to another camel which prevented Friedrich from steering his camel by himself. Mr. Khan explained that this camel had the habit of walking always too fast for the rest of the group. Well, that’s probably why they call him Mr. Fast

Luckily Friedrich changed to Mr. India and Vicky on the following days, so that he also had the chance to steer a camel himself.

Die Karawane zieht weiter

We usually had a break on one of the sand dunes where the camels were unsaddled and the camelmen cooked a simple but delicous desert curry. In the evenings we warmed ourselves by the fire and chatted with the other group members until we got too tired. With a pile of blankets the camelmen had already prepared our beds on the sand dune where we fell asleep under a sky full of stars.

One day we were talking about all the different zodiacs in the sky above and it turned out that Charles, a man from Switzerland, was very interested in astrology and knew quite a lot about it. Sarah asked him if he knew how to do a palmreading since that is also based on astrological beliefs. She told him she had a very short lifeline and that it would be a pleasure if he could check if she is destined to die very soon. So he gave her a palmreading and assured her that she is not going to die soon, but that her life will become much calmer at the age of about 45. He also told her that she will have two kids, a boy and a girl. Moreover he advised her to work on her ego, because it has a very strong line which could lead to some difficulties later on.

Mr Khan and friends prepairing breakfast Sonnenuntergang in der Wueste

During our long rides through the desert we had the opportunity to talk to Mr. Khan and to ask him many questions about his every day life. He told us how he got married at the age of only 12, that he is working since that age as a camelman and that he can neither read nor write because he never went to school. Sarah was quite touched when she heard that he does not even know how to write his own name and she decided to teach him how to write it during the next break.

To be honest we were quite happy to be picked up by the jeep after three full days of camel riding because our thighs were hurting and our buttoms were sore…

PS: No chapati no chai, no woman no cry (desert saying passed on by Mr. Khan)


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3 Kommentare
  1. War Sand im Curry? Falls nicht: wie machen die das?

    Und: Viele Leute denken ja „No woman, no cry“ bedeutet „wenn du keine Frau hast musst du nicht weinen“, in echt bedeutet es aber „nein Frau, weine nicht“.

  2. Mareike permalink

    Das klingt toll… Ich reite hier nur auf immer den gleichen Themen rum ;o)

    Bald kommt eine Langversion per eMail, versprochen!


  3. Sylvia & Andi permalink

    Sehr feuchte Aussprache der Mr. Lalu, aber seid froh das er nur ein Kamel ist und kein Lama.
    Ansonsten… Ihr habt doch sicher drangedacht den ganzen Speichel in Flaschen abzufuellen und in China als Potenzfoerderndes Mittel zu verscherbeln?! Die reissen Euch das Zeug aus den Haenden, darauf wette ich. Oder es geht als Delikatesse durch, denn ein altes balinesisches Sprichwort besagt: ‚Der Chinese isst alles, ausser Sand uns Steine.‘
    Na dann Mahlzeit und weiterhin gute Reise.
    Sylvie & Andi

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