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Surprise Surprise at „The Beach“-Restaurant

by - 14 Dez 2009

On Koh Yao Noi Island in Thailand we became great fans of „The Beach“ Restaurant (which was more like a foodstall with some tables at a lovely beachside) for the following two reasons: 1. the food was delicious 2. We could be sure that the staff would keep us highly entertained coming up with a new surprise every single time we went there. Long story short:

day 1:
We ordered two dishes and a coke which was supposed to cost 110 Baht, but they wanted to charge 160 Baht. After the waiter had a little argument with the cook (which was his wife) they agreed – fair enough – that we should pay only the price which was stated in the menu. Later on we concluded that the cook had probably prepared a wrong dish which would have been more expensive.

day 2:
We ordered a salad, a noodle soup and one mango shake. This time the cook wrote down our order herself. We received two mango shakes and two salads. Sarah kindly asked if the second salad was supposed to be her noodle soup and pointed at the menu again. A little embarrassed the woman took away the salad and started to prepare a noodle soup. Unfortunately just after Friedrich had finished his salad, heaven opened its water gates and flooded the restaurant. The electricity support broke down and the noodle soup was never to arrive. So we asked for the bill and this time we had to pay only half of the expected price. We noticed that they had forgotten to charge the shakes and we tried to explain that we had to pay a little more. But they got it all wrong and thought we were complaining again about the bill being incorrect to OUR disadvantage.

day 3:
On the third day Sarah was so hungry that she ordered two dishes. Guess what happened next? Yes, the bill was incorrect again! This time they charged only the first of Sarah’s dishes and all pointing at our plates was pointless, so we decided to give a very generous tip which was rewarded with a huge smily face by the lady behind the counter who was very pleased about the assumed kindness.

day 4:
We were in a hurry and decided to order take-away. We could not believe our eyes: this time the bill was correct!! But we already had the feeling that it could not be so easy this time and that there was at least one more surprise to come up. Right we were: unwrapping our boxes we discovered that we had got something completely different from what we had ordered!

But since the food was always outstanding we enjoyed, slightly amused, also this last meal. 🙂

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