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Greetings from Kao Sok National Park

by - 18 Nov 2009

After having spent some time at lovely beaches we desired a change of scenery and headed for the Kao Sok National Park where we started a night safari immediately. Because of an arachnophobia Sarah asked if there will be many monsterous spiders around. With great astonishment they answered: „Oh you are afraid of big spiders?!? Maybe you just need to play with them a little…“ But already the first spider we saw did not really encourage her to play with it.

Blonde Spinne

The guide cooly commented on this spider: „No touch, poison, dead maybe one hour or so.“ Apart from several other palm-sized spiders, we saw some chameleons and glowing eyes of civet cats in the dark. Thrilled by what we had seen at night the next day we met our guide, Tuek, at 8am again for a full day jungle hike. It did not take long until we saw a monkey family at short distance which enjoyed their breakfast in the trees.

Affenmutter mit Baby

To reach our designated picknick spot at a waterfall we had to wade through a waist-deep river. The river track and the sandy trails were quite slippery and we staggered a couple of times. We still admire our guide who did the whole trek on flipflops!

While we had lunch (a rice dish wrapped into a banana leaf) next to the waterfall Tuek started a fire and boiled some coffee in a freshly cut bamboo pole.

Bambuswasserkocher Lecker Bananenblatt-Lunch

Friedrich unterm Wasserfall

Actually the trip was supposed to take 6-8 hours but as Tuek is obviously still enjoying the jungle like he did when his father took him there for the first time, he kept us walking for 10(!) hours.

We got along so well that he invited us to come back and go camping with him in the jungle („When you come back?? Next month??“). So far we exchanged email addresses to let him know what we know what we are doing until we meet again. 🙂


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4 Kommentare
  1. That Spider… brrrr.

  2. ja ieuw. Dann guckt mann gerne zweimal bevor mann sich hinsetzt.

  3. judipuh permalink


  4. Bodil Sch permalink

    squitsch (ups) hihi, aber Friedrich wo bleibt denn bitte der Tarzanschrei? Du kannst doch nicht an einer Liane ins Wasser springen ohne aaaahhhhdihadiaaaahhhhhh…. ich war sehr enttäuscht. Aber das sieht ja ziemlich über cool aus, was ihr da so macht. Freut mich, dass ihr so eine gute Zeit habt! lieben Gruß Bodil

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